I would like to start with one of my favorite quotes from Anthony J. D’Angelo is – ”Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow”. I believe there is no secret ingredient to success. I love to dream and make my dreams come true. Curiosity is the impetus that gives me courage and unbridled will to learn modern applications and to face new challenges in the field of IoT, machine learning and robotics.

My field of interest includes a combinations of firmware development , embedded system design motion planning and computer vision .That’s why cyber physical systems fascinates me . I’ve hands on experience in designing and developing IoT Products and robotics system while implementing algorithms on mobile robots platform (HUSKY and Pioneer -3AT ) using ROS . I’m comfortable with working in multi robot systems, autonomous systems, unmanned vehicles, mobile robot navigation, path planning using navigation stack . I’ve worked on SLAM , AMCL process , object avoidance and detection laser scanner and gained proficient knowledge on Gazebo , Rviz simulation platform

I’m also exploring the field of Human Machine Interaction to understand how people will accept robots and automatic machinery in their social life , trying to figure out what are the main reasons behind trust issue between human and machine which are hampering the acceptance of IoT enabled physical system in our day to day life . I’m driven not by what I do or what I develop but WHY I involve with something . I believe I can bring a change in my community with my effort and I’ve chosen cyber physical system (i.e robotics and IoT) as a tool for it .That is why I’ve selected all the research projects so far which have direct impact on humanity and I will continue to do so in upcoming days .